Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sewing Shelves

I got two of my sewing shelves kilzed yesterday and had planned on painting them today but my backs really bothering me now. I also have two filing cabinets I want to paint the same color green as my shelves.

primed shelves

I have a filing cabinet about the size of the shorter one that I am going to sit it on so it wont take up so much floor space in the tiny sewing room. I wanted to go ahead and get all these things painted so if we do get to close in the front porch for the sewing room I will already have all of this done. Since I wanted to paint this room green and pink I can go ahead and get all these things painted green. I have some paint left over from painting the living room that I can use.

We have a step down onto the front porch from the living room so the two rooms will be close together.

I’m working on this little by little so maybe I will be finished with it by summer time. lol

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