Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Life got in the way of the sewing room work today. We had to get some potatoes in the ground if we're going to have any potatoes to eat.
Hopefully tomorrow IF my back will allow it, I can slap a coat of varnish on all those pieces I painted on Saturday and then I will be finished with them. All this bending over planting these potatoes has the old back just a bit aggravated. Going to see HOW it feels in the morning and maybe it will let me work some more on my project.

I did manage to get my metal cut for my picture frame this evening. I also painted the gold on the frame but don't like it so I will paint it again some other color. lol t's just TOO green for me. I think it's called an evergreen green. It will clash with the color green I plan on painting the sewing room.

Stay with me on this project and I will get it done. :)
Oh and please do leave a comment because I LOVE seeing your comments! :)

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