Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Sewing Room Organized

Wanted to share what I am trying to do in my sewing room and also some good news I hope! Winking smile I’ve been talking about the lack of space I have in this tiny room I have for an office/sewing room for awhile now. It’s just filled to the brim and there’s nothing in here that I could give away or toss. Anyway my husband is going to get someone over here maybe next week to see what it would cost us to close in the front porch that we never use. It’s the full length of our house and plenty wide enough for a sewing room. We’d only have to close in 3 sides because the other side is already done. The roof is done under there as well with vinyl siding and that’s fine with me to. So needless to say I am on cloud nine and hoping AND praying it doesn’t cost too much to do so we can do it.

I have a serger machine, sewing machine and a embroider machine and to use each one I am constantly having to change out machines on the sewing table. It sure will be nice to just sit down and sew!!!

Anyway I had already started the process of cleaning this room out yet again TRYING to make space for all this stuff for sewing and to get it organized because I can’t find anything. That is so frustrating to me. I was going to build a table in here that would be attached to the already built in desk to sit a couple of the machines on and that way I could get rid of one of the sewing cabinets. One’s always in the living room because there’s so space in here for it and that way all my sewing things would be in ONE ROOM and not spread out all over the place!

So anyway he told me to hold up on doing all of this to the sewing room and let him check with someone to see what it would run to close in the front porch.

But I thought well I can at least get all this stuff organized so I can find my stuff and if and when I get the new sewing room it will all be organized!  So that is what I am trying to do now. If we can do the close in of the front porch and once he gets started on it I wont be able to sleep from excitement. lol

Anyway just had to share my hopefully good news AND some of my pix of trying to get organized!

Some of my bobbins and a leather finger thimble. lol Got to figure out WHERE that should go. lol


My pressure feet….


Thread in gallon jugs. Got to find a lid for one of them. All my serger and embroidery thread is in another place closed up to keep out the dust.


I found these boxes a couple years ago at Michaels for like 1.00 each on clearance. They were like 14.00 each before they put them on clearance. I bought all they had left which wasn’t but like 4 I think it was. Needless to say they didn’t all match so I decided to wrap them in gift wrapping paper. (found the wrapping paper at Michaels as well a few years ago) I think I want to paint the sewing room a pastel pink so this will be pretty in there.


One of these is a cereal box I cut and wrapped up for some sewing magazines and the other one I found at a thrift store and I wrapped it as well. I have another one to wrap and then will need to save  a couple more cereal boxes to wrap for some more magazines.


Another shot of the magazine holders.


Found these little plastic things with the drawers in them a couple years ago at the thrift store. I think they were like a dollar each because they had to be cleaned up. There are two of them. I have patterns in one of the drawers so that’s what that one is missing. I am trying to figure out WHAT to put the patterns in now. I have a filing cabinet and I think I am going to put them in it. I am playing around with some fonts on the computer now to see which one I want to use to label my things with. Don’t want to use these old ugly green and white ones.


I really like this one and have got to get my daughter to show me how to put them on some sticky back labels I have.


Ok stay tuned with me on this sewing room organization because I have found lots of neat ideas for organizing sewing rooms.

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