Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inching Along With This Sewing Room

FINALLY found something I’ve been looking for! I wanted to make me one of these after I saw this on Tool Time Tuesday last week and I have finally found my piece of metal.

I found mine at Lowe’s and they actually had 2 different size sheets of it. I found it in the plumbing section close to the pieces of pipe they use for fireplaces. One was much larger than the 16” wide piece I got and it was 10.00 something. But I just needed this size and it was $5.44. So tomorrow I will cut it out with my metal cutters and put it into the frame. (I WILL wear gloves because this stuff can really cut you!!!!) Trying to figure out WHAT COLOR I want to paint the frame! lol

See the little round things on the metal? They have a clear plastic lid on them. That’s the ones I found the other day at Dirt Cheap for 2.00 something. There was like 23 of them in the box. Part of them were missing because there was suppose to be 30 in the box. They’re from Wilton, the cake decorating stuff and are called party favors in case anyone is interested. Anyway they are metal and I glued a magnet on the bottom so they will hang on this when I get it hung up. I also have some of the little solo cups like she has on the link I just shared with you. I will be putting my small things in them for storage in the sewing room.

metal for frame 1

I have a few really small safety pens and some little hooks and eyes I can put in the little party favors.

metal for frame

Yesterday while it Wal-mart looking for some magnets for these I happened up on some ladies putting out some things on the clearance isle. Smile They had marked them down from 3.00 something a pack to .75 and then they were marking them even lower to .25! BIG grin! Needless to say I got all I could find that was left which weren’t many. Here I was thinking I’d gotten a good deal on them the other day at Hudson’s for .60 a pack. Some of these are clips and some are magnets. If I need to make a note to myself I can use my metal board with these cute little magnets and since I wanted to paint my sewing room green and pink this matches! Grin…. My daughter bought the cute pink with the brown clips for a project she was doing but they wouldn’t work for her project so she gave them to me for mine.



goodies 3

I will need all these little clips when I start rolling up all my lace and trims.

Oh ALMOST forgot to tell you. I found the 50 pack of magnets at Wal-mart for like 5.96 I believe it was.  The first two packs of magnets I bought for the little party favors I bought at Lowe’s for 2.00 something and there was only 8 in them. These are just a little bit smaller but I think they will be fine for what I am using them for. I’m not going to over load my little cups so they shouldn’t be that heavy.

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