Monday, February 14, 2011


I got the four things painted today that I wanted to get painted for the sewing room.

It’s all painted the same color but outside it looks like a total different color.

I am going to use the shelves in my sewing room to get it organized. The shorted one I will sit on the the larger filing cabinet to save some floor space. Both of these shelves I paid $5.00 each.


book shelf taller one

The large filing cabinet. I will put my sewing patterns in the file area of it. Don’t quite know yet what I am going to put into the little drawers.

filing cabinet lg one inside

This is the little shelf I will put on the larger filing cabinet. Ignore the blue candle holders. I just put those there so I could paint the bottom and not get paint all over the paper.

green book shelf

Don’t know what I will use this filing cabinet for but I’m sure I will come up with something! I might even use it for the legs of my table I want to use for a sewing cabinet.

shorter filing cabinet

One more step closer to getting it done!


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