Thursday, February 10, 2011

50 Plus Year Old Dress

Wanted to show you all a little dress I wore when I was about 3–6 months old. I keep it in my sewing cabinet in a zip lock bag and when I was cleaning it all out I came across it and had to take a pic to share it with you all. Yes I am STILL at it with this sewing room. I am making things, and fixing things to store all my stuff it so this will take me quite awhile to finish.

Today while shopping at my favorite junk store again I found me another little book shelf. It needs a little work, but well worth the $5.00 I had to give for it. Also found some things I can use in some drawers to separate my things so they will be organized.

I will share more pix when I can. I bought some of the board stuff to wrap my cloth around and got 20 large pieces and 12 small cut out of 4 boards. I will share pix when I get it all wrapped up. I bought 6 more pieces of it today at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 ea. I noticed Wal-mart has it as well but theirs is $3.97 ea. Sure glad someone on the sewing sites I’ve been looking at shared with us that the Dollar Tree has it because it’s much less and the same stuff and the same size etc. That way I can take the money I saved on that and use it for other stuff for getting all this organized.

Anyway back to my little dress. As my heading says, this little dress is over 50 years old! I don’t think they make cloth like they used to. lol  This is a little silky dress, it’s not cotton.





Please do come back and see what all I am doing to this sewing room. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing about it. Smile

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