Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patio Cushions, Painting Photo Frames

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Well I got the patio cushions in their places today on the patio and IN the chairs! ;) They look very nice and they even are comfortable! lol

Then I also got these frames painted AND the pix I took on the beach in them. There is loads of reflections though in the pix since I took this pic of them at night time. PLUS I wanted to show you my pile of shells I bought at the souvenir shop I was talking about yesterday. I bought a large basket of them for 19.99 to fill the lamps with. I separated them all out on the brown paper so I could see what all I had. I will have the same ones to put in both of the lamps. The basket only had one of the shells with the long things coming from it but I have another one of those I can use if I choose to use those in them to.

I also got out there on the carport and hosed off the shells we found to get all the sand and nasty off them. Man they were sandy. OHHHHH did I tell you about the teeny tiny crab we brought home IN our shells? Yeah, we did, it was soooo small. Mattie played around with it for a little while and then we decided to take it to her brother which would TRULY treasure it! LOL Although Mom wasn't too happy about the live present! ;) Trust me Tammy when I say, this thing is WAYYYYY TOOO small to stink. ;)

I searched for a long time this morning looking for that art print with the precious shell and friend saying online but never have found one.

OHHHHHH AND I also painted the RELAX sign I found the other day. It turned out quite cute even though I do say so myself. I just went and took a pic of it to show you all. I figure I can put this on the top edge of the art print I got from the garage sale. So I got a little done today toward getting the bedroom accessories ready. I did peel a little more paint off the wall today as well, but my arms and shoulders are still bothering me so I didn't push it. I just did a tiny bit and then stopped.

Also about the basket thing in the middle of those shells on the paper, I am trying to figure out how to make me an arrangement out of this stuff along with some sea shell twigs as I call them.

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