Friday, October 3, 2008

Just Amazing

Yes it is, it's just amazing how this bedroom is coming together for us. I am so excited about it. Since I have a theme I am not having sooooo much trouble thinking of things to do and to buy. Even my white chenille bedspread with the blue in it, I bought several months back is going to work really well with this theme.

You can click on the photo's above to enlarge them if you like.

I thought I had about finished buying things for this bedroom but I just COULD NOT pass these up. ;) Mostly paid 1.00 or under for these items. We have a place called Dirt Cheap around here in MS. and that's where I found the picture frames for .30 ea. My daughter and I have several pix we have taken at Gulf Shores AL. of the beach and dolphins etc. that I want to print and frame for our bedroom. I will be painting the frames another color. The square thing sitting on the sea shells is a curtain tie back I also found there for only .50 for the pair. I figured that would really be neat to paint and then glue one of the flat sea shells onto it for tying back the curtains. Not sure what color I will paint them yet. Will wait and see WHAT color I need more of in there when I get close to being finished with it all. They will be off white or light blue I'm sure. I first thought of just gluing some sea shells on each one and hanging it on the wall without the gold metal thing that screws into them and putting them in one of the wall arrangements. But I think they will be better as tie backs. If I decide not to use them in the bedroom I can use them in the bathroom for the shower curtains tie backs.

Then I went to a little junk store and found the larger shell item & it is a night light with several kinds of shells on it. The larger shell that is standing up is really shiny on the inside. It was VERY dusty and in bad need of some TLC. So I pulled the cord out and really give it a good washing with soap and a toothbrush. I can't wait to see what it looks like lite up. It's got to dry out first though. I also found a large glass vase with lots of different kinds of sea shells in it for 1.00. I need all the sea shells I can get for those lamps AND for decorating. I put all of them in with some others I had already bought and took a pic of it in the large jug. Did I say how I LOVE sea shells! ;)

Looks like I wasn't the only one that went thrifting on this Friday! I notice Cranberry Crossings also found some neat bargains! I think she and I have some things in common! :) Way to go girl!!!!

Edited to add: The shell night light has dried out sitting under the ceiling fans and I had to show you a pic of it. Although, you cannot see all the multi colors that are in it, it's still kinda cool. :)

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