Thursday, October 23, 2008

TEA Anyone? Thrifting Anyone?

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Well I am at it again. Went to the chiropractor today and since I was BY MYSELF I made a bunch of stops that I wouldn't have, had I had the DH with me. My friend Tammy and my sister is going to flip out over one of my bargains that I JUST COULD NOT RESIST! It is a fountain AND a music box with tea cups and a teapot!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE! I don't like the rag thrown over the side of it, I think it needs to be pink to match the flowers so it will get a coat of paint on it. lol I've never stopped at this place before. She was pretty high on her things I thought but I did find this fountain for what I thought was reasonable.

Ignore all my junk in the background of the canopy. That is for the beachy bedroom re-do. It was only like 1.00! Those were some lace curtains I found for .50 that I didn't want to dry in the dryer so I put them on the chair arm and on his exercise thingie. ;) And then my sea gulls my DD painted for me on the floor drying on the paper by the hearth.

I didn't notice the handle was broken off the teapot until I got it home to wash and clean it up. :( It's ok though if I am learning ANYTHING in life here lately it is that EVERYTHING doesn't HAVE to be perfect! So THIS is just ONE MORE reminder to me. ;) ONLY God is perfect and that's good enough for me. Even a comfort in fact!!!! It's such a relief and a load off my shoulders in fact to just let it go and just KNOW that HE IS PERFECT and everything else doesn't have to be!!! :)
The fountain is fairly big, but it doesn't look to be. I paid 15.00 for it. Now I will have to stand over it to keep water in it probably! LOL BUT ITS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! AND it plays music!~ Who ever heard of such? ;)
Ohhhh and the large glass bowl, that was 1.00 and is Old Moss Rose. :) Can't believe I got it for 1.00 so I know you wont believe me! lol

I also got the glass canister today that is on the table behind the candle and lamp things and that was 3.00.
I had a FUN DAY! Can ya tell???? :) Had it ALL to myself and had fun not having to worry that someone was waiting on me in the car.


TammyT said...

OHMYWORD~! YOU LUCKY DOG~ hahaha. Yes, I LOVE the teapot fountain--can't wait to hear it play!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Great finds! I have some of thsoe glass cannisters too, but I bought them new. A buck is a good deal!

Cute fountain too!

Have a great weekend!