Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo's and An Art Print

Daff, that is just what I was going to do with the pix I took at the beach. I have already printed out some 3x4's I believe it was and hadn't thought about doing larger ones. So THANK YOU for that idea! That way they would be seen much better!!! I was just in the bathroom and noticed that cabinet I painted country white awhile back that wouldn't work for the bathroom. :( Where I was going to put it, under the wall cabinet above the toilet in there, it's not quite long enough since the cabinet I painted is so long. I wanted to be able to hang a towel from the dowel rod on the little cabinet and I wouldn't be able to do that because it would be wayyyyyyyy too close to the lid of the toilet. SO I happen to think it might just work on the wall in the bedroom where it will be painted blue.

In the condo where we stayed you should have seen all the pretty things! I took the camcorder and recorded some of them for ideas but didn't even think to take pix of them. Anyway there was this one picture that had a saying on it that I dearly loved and wanted to get two of the prints if I could find them at the souvenir place for my friend and I, BUT they didn't have the print. :( I just stopped and checked out my movie I made to get the little saying that was on the little art print I had such a fit over. It has some sea shells up on the left top corner and then this saying,
Precious shells are
the treasures of the sea.
Best friends are
the treasures of life.
and then there were more sea shells at the bottom right corner. I LOVVVVVE this print! Am searching online for it now and came across this womans blog in my search! Just saw this one page so far, but she and I have something in common it looks like, we like boats and sea shells. She brought back a long forgotten memory to me. I used to DEARLY LOVE, Where Goes the Boats, by Robert Louis Stevenson. I even memorized it. Opps I almost forgot to give you her link. lol sorry I got carried away there. ;)

Well I didn't find the art print with the shells and the friends saying in it. I have searched for awhile for it and never did see it. :( Have no idea where they found that art print.

Stay tuned for more later. :)
Make it and awesome day, GO TO THE BEACH! HEE HEE

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Daffodil Hill said...

Make your own! Print out that saying on nice paper, embellish it with some of your shells, and frame it. That would be a great souvenir of your trip, and a beautiful accent for your new room. You could make a similar one for your friend, too. : )