Monday, October 6, 2008

Lessons God Teaches Us In Various Ways

All the things are off the wall and off the furniture in the bedroom. Now to get all the mess out from under the bed! LOL Have NO IDEA where I will put all of that! I NEED those tubs for the shed! ;) You know what! I have some! DUH!!! I bought like 3-4 for my mason jars and they're all empty! So there, now I have something for at least right now to put all this stuff in so I wont clutter up the house too bad with this on going project! No telling how long this will take me because my necks already bothering me this morning from all the vacuuming and peeling paint yesterday. So I'll have to chill out if it gets too bad and take a break from it.

Seems like everything I do is making me aggravated these days. I'm not taking my menopause meds so that could be it. But it seems like everything I touch I have to fix. I was thinking this morning about peeling that paint off all that wall and thinking how God peels layers and layers off me to get me to be the person He wants me to be. Wondering if this is another lesson I need to be learning about patience, being calm, and content. So as I peel paint, I will be thinking about, how many MORE layers is He going to have to peel off me before He gets me to where I am use able? And I KNOW He wont be aggravated or frustrated and I am to be like Him. Soooooooooooo I guess I will peel some layers of paint off and be content RIGHT WHERE I AM FOR NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Rose how awful that you have to do all that work. On the bright side at least is coming up like wallpaper imagine if you had to sand all that off. There's a reason for this and you will find it soon enough. Take care of your back. Hugs, Lucy