Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trying to Make Things Perfect

Just as I made the statement a couple days ago that if I am learning anything here lately it's that EVERYTHING doesn't have to be perfect! Well that slapped me in the face once again today so I really think God is trying to tell me something about that. You see a few weeks ago my daughter brings in this little white satin dress that was a co-workers little girl. She was to be in a wedding and the lady that was getting married likes THIS DRESS! NOT the one that fit her already but THIS DRESS! :) So she wanted it taken out so it would fit her little girl because it was tight on her she said. Well with satin, it pulls very easy AND frays. SOOOO you can't sew it close to the edge or you're liable to wind up with holes where ever you made the narrow seams. So I'm like you can't sew that close to the edge of this fabric because it will pull out if sewn too close to the edge and from what I was understanding she needs a little room in the little dress. So I asked if it would be OK to add some width to it in each side seam and I had plans to gather the edges on each side so it wouldn't look like it had been "added to" because it was too small or something. Then when I went to look for some satin fabric to match, there was none! This little dress is a few years old so the colors aren't the same as new fabric. So the lady at Hancock's said, use the back side of the sash and I could line the back of it with the same fabric it was lined with to replace that satin fabric with. GOOD IDEA I told her! So I bought lining fabric which WAS the same color as the lining in the dress. I had company a few days later and she sees the little dress in the bag hanging in my dining room and wants to know what it is. So I started telling her what I was going to do with it. She says WHY don't you just cut it down the center front on the bodice and add the piece there? That will be MUCH EASIER! I said UGHHH another good idea and why didn't I think of that? So last night I tore out the seams so I could get started on the addition today. Got it all ripped out and ready to work on today. When I got in bed last night, (the time I come up with my good ideas) I happened to think, uhhh why not use some of the bridal tulle like what's on the bottom of the dress, over the little satin piece I was adding to the bodice and that way there would be no way anyone would even think it had been added to, to make it larger. That would look much better I thought! So I went back to Hancock's today to see IF they might have some of that tulle, which was white with what looked to be little water droplets on it here and there. Well low and behold they had it AND it matched the older tulle that was on the dress! So I got a small piece of it. Got home and started on it. Messed around with it for a while before I came up with something that would work because the piece I was adding to the dress was wider at the bottom than at the top so the neckline wouldn't sag. The little water droplet things were far apart on the tulle so I needed them to be closer together for this little inset piece I was adding. So there would be several of the little water doplets on the inset. So I decided tucks would work. Tried that and NOPE tucks wouldn't work because of the inset not being the same at the top and the bottom. The inset is almost like an upside down V but square across the bottom instead of pointy. So then I decided OK, just do two little pleats so I will have more little droplets in the inset area. So THAT WORKED! Got it all sewn together, the inset for the lining AND the inset for the top. Got all the gathers all gathered back up and sewn onto the bodice. Hand stitched the lining back down at the waistline. Got it TOTALLY FINISHED, sash included and then decided it needed a pressing because there was a little pucker on each side of the seam of the inset. You know it just HAS TO BE PERFECT! I have been pressing everything this whole time with this iron on the very same setting. Had even sprayed starch on the inset to make the pleats lay well and pressed that out well. So I start pressing the edge of the inset and the thing melts my tulle! I bout had a stroke! Everything I had messed with on this dress I was having to rip out all day long AND NOW THIS? So I was like I have got to tear this thing apart again????? I just had to leave it. Just hung it up and left it! I could have just sit down and cried! ALL of this over a little pucker on each side of the inset that probably NO ONE would have even seen but me! WHY do I have to think everything HAS TO BE PERFECT? If I'd just left it alone it would have been just fine, NOW I see that but WHY couldn't I have seen that before hand? My patience have really been worn to the max today with this and I know all too well I should NOT get myself in such a tizzy over stuff and trying to make it perfect! So now I think I have figured out a way to fix it I HOPE without having to tear all that back out again!!! I am going to take my seam ripper and take out the inset piece of the tulle without tearing out the seams. There is satin behind it. Then I will just cut me another tulle inset and put the pleats in it and serge the edges of it. Then I will just turn the surged edge under slightly in around all the seams and hand stitch it all the way around with my hands to stitch the tulle back in place over the satin inset. I sure hope this works and you wont be able to see the surged edges very well through the tulle. Say a prayer for me that it wont show through too bad so I wont have to tear all this back out again! The elderly lady that had sewn the little dress years ago was pretty old then she said and couldn't see well so she is much older now so she couldn't re-do the little dress. She had double sewn ALL the seams! So I had to take out 2 seams on everything I had to rip out. SO I tried to do that as well on mine so it would hold up and last for the next little girl who was to wear it in a wedding.

So I have had a trying day but am learning the hard way once again, that things really doesn't have to be perfect!

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