Monday, October 6, 2008

Two Walls Done, Two More to Go!

Got almost two walls peeled so far. You can read ALL about it on the other posts I made before this one if you have no idea what I am talking about. :) The wall my friend and I were working on last night is totally finished and I got another one almost finished this evening. I just had to stop. My neck is mega hurting and I don't want to get down because we have a fun trip planned for this weekend. So here I sit with my ice pack on my neck and then it will go a little farther down toward my back next. lol I probably wont work on the wall tomorrow. I probably need to let the old back and neck rest up. It's just according to how it feels.

I forgot to say in the other post I made about what my painter friend advised me to do about this wall. When I get all this paint peeled off, I have to sand it lightly. The areas that are grayish in color will have to be sanded with a sanding block and the others I will use my palm sander since those areas have spackling.
No Daff, it's just me so far working on it. My friend helped out last night a bunch and wanted to come back today but I wasn't going to work on it but decided to call her and see if she wanted to ride to Lowe's with me to get that commercial primer. Then later this evening I got in there messing around with it and decided to work some on it. She'll probably call me back tomorrow, lol, knowing her, if she doesn't have anything else planned to do and want to help me. But I really don't need to work on it anymore I don't think. We'll see. Man that mess is nasty! It's like sheet rock is when you first build a house! You know how powdery it is? I have vacuumed and vacuumed trying to keep that mess from getting all in the house. Also got an air filter going in there as well. I broke one of my ceiling fan blades the other night cleaning it. So I don't have a ceiling fan in there for right now but do have one of the box fans going in there to help since close to the ceiling gets so hot when you're having to work up there. I broke the metal thing that attaches to the blade and then attaches to the fan as well. When we went to Lowe's I looked for one to match it but they wanted 15.00 for 4 and I don't NEED FOUR, I just need ONE! LOL So I decided to just wait since the fan is 19 years old anyway. I'm hoping I can just find one in my junk store hoping that will work until we replace the old fan. I just hated to put 15.00 in those things and then the fan tear up on me since it's so old. We had been planning on replacing it soon anyway, so I'm not wasting that amount of money on it.

So two walls down and two more walls to go. The two walls that aren't done, one has a window on it and the other wall has TWO doors so the walls aren't huge ones like the wall the bed sets on.

I also decide to just leave the things under the bed since I could just slide the bed out from the wall a little so I could get in there between it and the wall. So that worked out well! The less I have to move and put back later, the better. ;)

Thank you all for you comments and encouragement!!!!

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a great friend to help you with the walls! I hope it turns out nice for you.