Sunday, October 5, 2008

Class Reunions and Garage Sales

Well I hope you all had a great day this gorgeous Sat. I know we did except for when my DH embarrassed me to death! He can be so crude sometimes and I want to crawl into a hole somewhere! :( He had his 42nd class reunion today and one of his classmates had it in his home for them all. It was VERY NICE, the home AND reunion. You all would have flipped out over their home! I wish I'd had my camera so I could have taken pix to show you all. JUST GORGEOUS! And they did most of it them selves she said. We did all our painting, staining and varnishing and stuff like that. BUT DH and I don't know how to cut the moldings and all that sort of stuff so we had to hire all that done when we built our home. Anyway she really knows how to decorate! Her foyer was AWESOME! She painted it herself and I had to feel of it to see if it was wallpaper! It was THAT GOOD! The doorways were arched and rounded at the edges instead of square and she stopped the painting before she got to the rounded edges and it really did have a great effect! I just loved it!!!! It really made the edges look more round. Too cool! Was just a really nice home! You could really tell they loved it and were really proud of it by the way they kept it up and kept it clean and tidy. I think everyone felt very welcome, I know I did!

I missed a 10 family garage sale today. Yep sure did! So you see I DO PASS some up! ;) One of my friends forwarded me an email that was sent to her telling all about it. I was like, I don't NEED anything else. I've GOT to get this bedroom done and de-clutter some more so I can't add more to an already cluttered house. So I talked myself right out of going to it. lol I've just got to set me aside an area in the shed with some large plastic tubs for all the things I find to use to decorate the house with. I can't keep cluttering up the house with it all. IF and I DID SAY IF this decorating came easier for me I would know what to take and what to leave! lol But I think, oh this would be neat for this or that and I can use it so here it comes home with me like some little lost dog. ;) Then later I think, now WHY did I buy THAT? WHATTTTTTTTTT was I thinking? lol Then I wind up donating it back to the places! I need to start having garage sales so I can make my money back from it all don't I?

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