Monday, October 27, 2008


LOL..... Yeah Rhoda, we left some sea shells. We were near Fort Morgan when we went. So actually wasn't in Gulf Shores. We went the weekend they had the shrimp festival and didn't know that was going on. It really messed us up because of all the crowds, for doing anything in Gulf Shores. We even had to pay to park at the souvenir place to get our things there and never have had to do that before. Also had planned on going on the beach at Gulf Shores on our last day just to play around there some. The vender's were on the beach and all the crowds and we didn't want any part of that because we came to relax. Next time we go we want to make SURE nothing like that is happening because we like the relaxing part of it all not the hustle and hurried-ness of it all.
Burrrrr I sure hope it's not TOO COLD for you all! It's suppose to be pretty chilly the next few days and nights. I sure hope you all get to enjoy it!!!!

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