Thursday, October 30, 2008


If you haven't went to see this movie, by all means stop, take a break and go see it. :) We finally got to go tonight and we both loved the movie! I wish I could afford to pay EVERYONES way to this movie because it was THAT good to me! We bought the book before we went to see it and have plans on going through it together. Actually we'll each have one, DH and I so we can put what we want in ours without the other knowing what we put in it. lol I just wish I could get everyone to go see it that is married or even thinking of getting married. Just can't say enough about this movie and don't want to say too much because I hate someone telling me what the movie is about and messing it up for me by telling about it. SO I will hush now and just pray that you will go SEE THIS MOVIE! :)

Make it an awesome day! GO SEE THIS MOVIE! LOL

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