Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Master Bath Wallpaper

I have finally started working on getting that wallpaper off our master bath room wall. I started working on it yesterday and then stopped. Then last night when I was SUPPOSE to be in bed like everyone else, I worked on it some more. Was almost done with it but knew I needed to get some sleep.

Then early this morning I had to get up and go to potty and you guessed it, I started working on it again. I lack 2 really small areas and I will be done with that. One spot is behind the toilet so I will have to take the tank off to get at that. I peeled the top layer off the wall paper and now I will go back with the steamer and get the bottom layer off. I FINALLY figured out this way didn’t tear the sheetrock up! The bottom layer is really thin so it will come off in large sheets and not take any amount of time to finish with the steamer. This is the ugly wall paper that was on EVERY wall in there. Yep I know, ugly and mega outdated!


This is the wall behind the door. In some areas the backing came off on it’s own. This little cabinet here is my sink but the sink doesn’t work so I am really thinking about taking it out and put another board on top so I can cover it with tiles or something to have an area to sit things and also maybe do something like a wooden bookshelf above the sink to put things we use into. We just have NO SPACE in here for sitting our things.


Yep I really messed up on this next wall. I was using the steamer to and it just WOULD NOT come off! Going to TRY and spackle it and then prime the wall. I think that’s the reason it was SO hard to get off because they didn’t prime the walls first. I will also need to sand the walls to.


Over his sink. I removed all the mirrors so I could get the paper from behind them. I will have to remove the towel holder and the rod for the shower curtain and get it out from behind those to.


Close to the shower stall. We have marble up on the walls in the shower. I am thinking about putting some long narrow mirrors I have up on the walls above the shower, all the way around it. That way it should reflect more light into the shower for us I think.


My plans as of right now is to paint the bathroom to match the bedroom which is a light sky blue with white trim. It’s a coastal beach theme and I want the same for in here to. Just trying to decide if I want to paint all the walls in here the sky blue or some blue and some white. Going to paint the trim white and the cabinets white so I’m afraid that might be TOO much white if I paint the walls white to.


I also got some things I needed today from town to finish those recipe notebooks with so I will be working on that along as well. Had to rest up some today from the wall paper stuff because getting up and down from that chair so much has got my leg to feeling tight. Sure don’t need to get down in my back, that’s for sure!

What kind of projects you all working on?



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