Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well I did it again! Well let me back up there just a little. ;) God and I did it again! I KNOW very well where my blessings come from and am always in mind of it. So with credit where credit is due, He helped me find this bargain as well.

I’ve been wanting some of the wide blinds for our house for quite some time and finally found them a couple weeks back. As you know I love to shop the thrift stores and found these, the whole buggy load was 5 bucks. They were all tangled up but I knew I could get them untangled and I bought them. There were like 15-20 blinds in this buggy!! The guy that donated them told the store he had paid over 500.00 for these blinds. WOW and I’m soooo excited to have gotten them! God is SO GOOD AND AWESOME and I might add, He is good ALL THE TIME! :)


Dining room pic….


We finally got them up over the weekend with my sisters help. We’ve still got to put up the little valance things that cover the hardware and metal part of the blinds.

I want to take the curtain rod holders down but I haven’t done so yet because I will have to touch up the paint when I do take them down.

Dining room pic…….P9162028

My plans are to repaint the kitchen and dining room. When I painted the dining room this color I decided it was much too yellow for me. And like I usually do, it takes me quite awhile to decide WHAT I want to do when one of my projects doesn’t go the way I had it in my head. But I have decided I am going to tone down the yellow with some white so it will have a tint of yellow.


kitchen pic……P9162031

and last but not least, the back door one……


I wound up with 6 blinds that fit these windows and 2 more that fit the living room windows. I have 4 windows in the living room and will have to find 2 more for the other two windows. So that’s not even 1.00 per blind for the ones I got. I gave my sister several of them and she and her husband put up one very long one over their wide dining room windows. It also looks VERY good.

THANK YOU SIS for all your help!! I LOVE YOU!



Anonymous said...

Awesome, Rose!!! And, YES, I agree--God is GOOD!!!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Wow! The blinds are beautiful. You did good! :) Mississippi

Anonymous said...

Thank you Punky and Marilyn!!!
I got the little valance thing hung on them and am really enjoying them.