Monday, September 6, 2010

Bloggers and HOME

I just had to share this link with you all. As some of you know I have been looking at beach blogs for a couple days now dreaming about HOW MUCH I’d LOVE to own a beach home!! Ahhh man I could live there in the summer and be home in the dead of winter when it was too cold to walk on the beach and hunt seashells. :) Ahhhhhhhh WHAT A LIFE!

Anyway this Beach Vintage blog caught my eye in someone’s list of blogs awhile ago. As I started reading, her home sounds like MY home. ;) She said she furnished her home with things from thrift stores and E-bay, same here but I also need to add friends to my lists. As I look around my house it’s so nice to see things friends gave me they knew I’d like and they didn’t want anymore. One friend really comes to mind because she has given me loads of things that I can’t part with. That wonderful friends name is, Tammy. I’ll have to share a pic or two with you one day of a sofa and chair she gave me. I just LOVE this set, it just screams Maw Maw to me!

Here I am in one of her chairs when I was only 6 mo. old.


Then here is my Daddy holding two of the babies. I think the babies are Andy and Mike. Notice the phone book hung back there on the wall by the phone. ;)


It is sooooo me because I love old furniture and I think one reason why is because as I was growing up as a kid my Maw maw Harrison had old furniture it her home and it was always so homey to me and always said home. Her home was so peaceful to me. Even with the paint peeling off the walls in the living room THAT was STILL and always will be home to me. She lived in an old house with no halls. I’ll never forget it as long as I live, all the rooms had doors that opened from one from to another room. It had a wonderful old front porch and I dearly loved those wide steps going up to it. It was a fancy home at one time for those days. It even had a concrete walkway as well. But back to the inside, all the rooms opened up to each other and when you walk up to the door there was the living room. This living room had 4 windows in it. One window on each side of the fireplace and 2 windows on the front. When you walk inside, off to your left was a door heading into a bedroom which had 3 beds in it.

There were 2 double beds and a twin bed and Pawpaw and Maw Maw slept in those double beds and Andy slept in the little twin bed. My sister and I would sleep with Maw Maw and Pawpaw when we were there. There was another door in that bedroom that led to another bedroom and it had 3 doors leading off from it. One led to another bedroom and one led to the dining room which was a nice size room as well. Maw Maw had her a large table in there for her large family and it was so neat. She also had a china cabinet that was out of this world. The legs on that thing were 2 inches thick! She had it filled to the brim with dishes and whatnots.

The dining room had two doors in it and one led to the kitchen. The kitchen had 3 doors leading off of it and one was to the dining room, one to the neat back porch and one to the middle bedroom where my Uncle Mark slept.

Each one of the rooms had at least 2 or more windows in them which I loved because it made the rooms light up because they weren’t dark. In the dining room there were 4 windows in it but someone had added a bathroom on the back side of the house on part of the porch so that covered up the back windows in the dining room. Maw Maw had that fixed really neat to. She had curtains on BOTH sides, in the dining room AND in the bathroom so it looked like windows leading to the outside.

I think my Maw Maw loved the outdoors and that must be where I get mine from. As you can tell this Maw Maw was always my favorite and made me feel like I was somebody. She never criticized me or put me down in any way. I always felt loved by her and she also had a gentle and quite spirit about her that I dearly loved.

Anyway when I was reading on Beach Vintages blog I though how much we had in common with fixing up our homes using thrift store items that someone had tossed out of their homes because they didn’t want it anymore and all I can say is yipeeeeee so happy they decided they didn’t want it. ;) Go check out this ladies site.

man I want me a beach home………………….

This is my Maw Maws old house. see the old chair? Look at that floor covering! This is me in the pic.


Me again with another old chair of my Maw Maws.


This next one is not a good pic but you can see how the paint on the wall is peeling in this one. My Daddy is the closest one to the camera person and my Uncle Mickey is the one behind him. Look at all the old family photos on the mantel. Everyone seemed so content in this old home. It was just the best!


Daddy giving Paw Paw a bottle to check out. ;) They were all sitting around the fireplace in the middle bedroom that was closest to the dining room. Maw Maw must have been in the kitchen cooking.


I hope you’re having a great Labor Day!

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