Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beach Bedroom

I wanted to show you all my wallpaper I found the other day for .75 a double roll. Since I have been trying to redo my bedroom in a beach theme I also wanted to do our master bath as well.

I thought one small wall would be really neat done in this wallpaper. I really really love it and I was even thinking about something else as well. You know those door mirrors that are narrow and long that you put behind a door? I was thinking it would be neat to get 2-3 of those and take the mirrors out and put the wallpaper in the frames and hang them on the small wall side by side. That way I wont have to be pulling wallpaper off the wall in years to come when or IF I get tired of it. Or better yet I could make myself some frames out of some thin molding, hmmmmm decisions decisions.


I took these pics at night in my dining room so they were dark and I lightened them up some so you could see all the sea shells, so the background color isn’t really true. It’s a very light sand color.


Last but not least…… check out those pretty sea shells! ;) I just LOVE sea shells and even more, I love finding them on the beach!


There are some really pretty colors in here. I think a brown would be pretty to put with it and the blue color I already have our bedroom painted.


Amanda said...

That is awesome. I really like it.

Anonymous said...

WOW Now that's a great bargain!! I like your idea about putting the wallpaper in frames--very clever of you!!!

Way to go, Rose!!