Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beach Bedroom Roman Blinds

Well I finally got those roman blinds made for our bedroom a couple weeks ago. Then just realized I hadn’t even shared them with you all. They were fairly easy to make but just took a lot of time.

I am leaving the printed swag for right now because I should have made the blinds just a little wider so you couldn’t see around the sides of them. I can fix them I think.

I am going to starch some battenburg lace I have and hand stitch it on them here and there to dress them up a little. Then I want to use a battenburg lace dust ruffle on the bed.

I wanted it to be really dark so when I sleep late it will be dark in there. Then when I want light I can raise the blinds. I sandwiched some of that darkening fabric in between the layers of cloth.


I made a few boo boo’s along the way but now I know how to do it now and will be making 4 for the living room as soon as I can. This should help keep the rooms warmer in the wintertime. Next time I make them I will put the darkening fabric all the way to the edge and not following the directions on that because it really needs to be all the way to the edge.



I am really enjoying the wall color. It makes the room so light and airy and have decided I would like this beach look all through out my house. lol

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