Friday, September 3, 2010

Idea for Changing Chairs

to match all your tablecloths……. without spending a fortune on fabrics.

This is the idea I was referring to Cindy about the chair bottoms. You could draw out the pattern for YOUR chair bottom on paper and then also make you a pattern for these pieces that hang down on the edges. As you can see these aren’t for these chairs but for ladder backs but the idea would work for our chairs as well. We just wouldn’t do the back piece that hangs down and we would square the corners where it curves on this white fabric to fit our chair bottoms. Then on each side in the back piece where the white fabric is, you could just do a tie to tie them on the chair with so they would stay put. I plan on making some for my chairs so I can change them out as well because my chair bottoms don’t match all my tablecloths I use.

P9031972 P9031971

See the one below I put on the floor so you could really see how it’s made? Naturally the hang over pieces (printed fabric) would be wider to cover our chair bottom and the hang over pieces would be wider and closer together at the sides where the legs are since they would be wider.


Anyway this wouldn’t require lots of fabric and naturally you would want to do it all in one color. Plus you could get some cheap solid beige fabric and make one to see how you like it first before you spend lots on good fabric. Plus you would be able to see just HOW MUCH fabric you would have to have.

My friend that gave me this wants me to make her a pattern from it so I can make her some from fabrics she has bought. She has a tea room and she wants to be able to change it out to match her tablecloths.

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