Saturday, October 9, 2010

Garage Sales

My sis and I decided to go to some garage sales today. We haven’t gotten to do it at all this summer yet so we took the day to enjoy it.

I wanted to share some of the things I found with you. I found several neat things, but I think my favorite is this magnolia tea set. The lady let me have it for $3. I LOVE this tea set!



And as ya know magnolia is our state flower, here in Mississippi. :)


and these really large candles for $1 each. They’re usually over $5 each.


and two large pieces of toile fabric, $1 ea.


and this nice large vase for .25.


and last but not least some pretty shiny jewelry, at $1 ea. ;) Love this broach and the ear rings are a pretty deep purple and the other smaller pair are like a smoky amethyst.


I also found a dirty clothes hamper that is made of wood and cloth that I plan on redoing and a small CD/cassette/radio jam box. Oh and also a Fisher Price music box for a babies crib that plays music and it was a whopping .25.

That’s all I can think of now.

P.S. did I say I love the tea set? wink wink


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Oh my! I'm drooling over your garage sale finds! Wow! Everything is so nice! And I,too, love the tea set! Congratulations! and thanks for sharing in pics with us! Mississippi

David Garcia, Hong Kong said...

I can't believe that splendid Magnolia tea set cost only $3! You got yourself a rare find!

Just passing through.