Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorating

I used to never decorate my table for Thanksgiving and I never decorated at fall time either. That is until the ladies at the Country Sampler forum got me started. :) Thanx ladies, I didn’t know what I was missing!!!


Wanted to show you what I have got done so far. This is just a start. Trying to figure out what to use to make some maple leaves for my napkin rings with. I saw some and the stuff they made them out of looked like really thin plastic. They used a maple leaf to cut the design with. It was fall colors and it was just too neat! I wanted something that would hold up to the attic heat because I always store my things up there. Anyway here are my pix so far.

This is a pottery plate I found for .25 at my favorite thrift store and it has a place for 5 candles sticking up off the plate. I bought it with fall and Thanksgiving in mind. I should have taken a pic of the plate before I filled it with my things. The roll of ribbon out beside it, I made a bow out of it to put in there with the pumpkins and leaves.


Got the idea for sitting the little pumpkins on the candle holders from Cindy over at My Romantic Home. Only thing her pumpkin candle was MUCH neater than mine because hers was SHINY! ;)

I’ve got to get my table cloth and napkins out and fix the table. I have a set of dishes my wonderful Aunt Nellie gave me a couple years back that I want to use with my arrangement. I sure HOPE it works because I’m not good at matching colors and I so want to use THIS set of dishes with this!!!


I’m trying to decide IF I want to leave the little basket on there and just where it needs to sit.


I found the little basket awhile back, again at my favorite thrift store and it wasn’t but .50. It’s shiny to! :) Although you can’t tell in this pic. :(


That was a little piece of Styrofoam on the side of it that I didn’t see until I was loading the pic on here.

Stay tuned for more…….. and I’d sure like to see your fall and Thanksgiving decorations to.


Connie said...

Rose, I like what you have done. You are so creative and you do it on a budget. I love it.


Josie -- Royal Oak, MI said...

Hi Rose. Nice centerpiece you put together!

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Connie and Josie!!!