Friday, October 29, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Or should I say, punkins like my hubby says. ;)

My sister and daughters boyfriend got with us all last night and we all carved some punkins.

You can tell just how serious we are about carving pumpkins because of the faces we are making as we carve. ;)


This is my sister carving hers.


Then I HAD to show the one I took after the one above with her grinning from ear to ear.


Then the hubby and Cindy carving theirs. Caught Cindy with her eyes closed on this one.


This is some serious business.


Then her boyfriend Waylon, drawing some art on her Halloween CD cases.


Then the group picture. Notice the windows are open. I had the AC set on 70 and Cindy was hot. ;)


Here’s mine below. I just noticed I didn’t get any of the pix of the others after they got finished. We went outside to take pix and we smelled smoke and we’re under a burn ban so that got me side tracked. Turns out the fire was at his brothers house next door to us. Fire trucks got it put out before it caused any serious threats to any of us.


I think my daughter got some pix of the other pumpkins and I will share those later.

Edited to add: OK I got some pix of the others punkins. ;)

My sisters scarecrow pumpkin.

Elaines Scarecrow

Cindys witch…

Cindys witch

We even baked us a cake for the occasion.

da halloween cake


Waylon carved one but his was a daytime pumpkin and wouldn’t show up at night.

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