Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Retreat on Our Front Porch

I got another idea and I have no idea how long it will take me to get this one done. Hopefully NOT as long as it has our bedroom!

First off, we live pretty far off the main road so this will be nice and private! We never use our front porch. No one ever sits out there except for me and that’s not very often. I have wanted to close it in with glass windows but that doesn’t seem like an option with my hubby. It’s just wasted space and I can’t stand that.

SOOO with that said, I have decided I need a space that is feminine and just for me! I am going to decorate it with pink rose fabrics, really shabby chic but with no chipping paint.  Hoping to find some sheets or whatever at the thrift store to use for this project. I’ve been seeing lots like I am referring to. In fact just yesterday I saw a pillow sham that was white background with small pastel pink roses in it. It was quilted and I didn’t even think to get it. :( It wouldn’t have been but .25 or .50 for the thing. ughhhh

I know I have a couple things I can get started with but I want to get all the wood cleaned and painted. It is all in really bad need of cleaning. As you can see DH’s exercise bike thingie is out here but I will be moving that to the back patio so this will be MY space! ALL MINE! ;)

I also don’t want the swing on here.


I want a hanging bed so I can lay on it and read and just take a nap if I want to. I’d put the bed in front of the windows about where the swing is but the opposite way so it wont get wet or I wont get wet when it’s raining and I’m out there. ;)

I don’t have any shutters on the front porch because I took them down. I  got tired of being stung by wasps!! That’s ALL the shutters are fit for down south, wasps nest areas. lol

A friend of mine gave me the little metal tables. I want to get glass cut for them or put a top on them and use ceramic tiles.

Ignore all the cushions turned up like this. If I don’t do this the cats will sleep on them and I don’t like to sit where they’ve been. So when I do sit out here I turn them back up to keep them off the cushions.


This is a view from the opposite end of the porch. As you can see it’s a really nice size area. I want the hanging bed on the end where the swing is and then on the end where DH’s bike is, I want a small table with 3 chairs I think. Oh by the way, the bike only gets used about once ever 6 months so I’m sure it would be ok to relocate it. :)

I’ve got several beige almost sheer curtain panels I can hang up around the outsides of the porch to soften it up some as well.

I’d LOVE to have some ideas on how to dress it up with accessories. In the pic below I wanted to show how wide the areas are between the windows. I have some metal things like sconces, and a metal planter. I also have several mirrors as well. The areas between the windows and door is 34” and 29” wide. I have a plastic framed mirror that is narrow and long that I think would be neat in between the windows on one end. I’ll need to paint it to match. I think a pastel pink would be neat. With the huge oak out front you wont be able to see it from the road anyway.


The house faces the west by the way.

As you can see I have a wicker lamp that I’m going to paint to match everything. Not sure exactly what color yet though.

I’d like to at least screen the porch in to keep the cats out so I can keep it clean. I figured I would put a piece of clear plastic over the bed when I’m not using it so they can’t get on it. Don’t think they will like the plastic.

I really need to start looking at porch pix online and also I have a few porch books I can get some inspiration from as well.

This should really be fun because I can fix it up just for me and not have to worry about getting too feminine. :) weeeeeeeeeeee

Stay tuned…………. and if ya got some ideas I’d love to hear them.

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