Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eating Healthy

I don’t know about you but I’ve started trying to eat a little more healthy these days. Dr. keeps on at me about too much fat in my blood and cholesterol and triglycerides too high as well. I’ve been worried about not eating the things that are high in fat but that’s not worked for me. So I am trying to look for the things that will bring the cholesterol and triglycerides down, the good fats in other words. IF I am understanding this right those are suppose to help bring the bad cholesterol down. So I wanted to share a recipe I have came up with that is fun, easy, AND fast which matters most to me other than being healthy.

I went to Sams wholesale warehouse the other day to get me some of their shredded lettuce and I also get the organic spring mix as well. But that day I noticed they had a cole slaw mix that has shredded cabbage, red cabbage and carrots in it. So I bought a bag of that and the bag is a 3 pound bag and it wasn’t but like 3.00 for the huge bag. You ask, what in the world are you going to do with such a large bag of cole slaw mix? Well I had a tiny bag that I had bought the other day and I needed some veggies to go in my quesadillas that I was making so I stir fried the cabbage slaw mix and it was VERY GOOD! Almost like the egg rolls you get a Chinese restaurants. 

So we liked it soooo well that I bought that large bag at Sams. I wanted to share with you how I made the quesadillas.

I used…..

extra virgin olive oil

garlic toes


cole slaw mix

boiled chicken

cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack

wheat tortilla shells


First I put some olive oil in a stainless steel skillet, about 2 tbl. I put in two really large chopped up toes of garlic and fried them in the oil until lightly browned. In my opinion you don’t get too much garlic, I love the stuff. I had a small whole onion sliced in strips waiting to be thrown in with the slaw mix. So after the garlic was nicely browned I threw in the cole slaw mix and the onion and stirred it around until it all got done.

You can do all of that ahead of time and just have it waiting for you when you come home from work if you’d like to do it that way. I went ahead and did the whole bag so I could try freezing it in quart freezer bags. Then I can take out the amount I want when I am ready to make quesadillas.

Then all you would have to do is to take out your wheat tortilla shells and put in your shredded slaw and onion mix. I also add about 1 tlb. of chopped up boiled chicken to this as well as about a tea. of cheese. Now I am using less cheese which I don’t like because I LOVE the stuff! ;)

Then I just spray the skillet with Pam or a generic brand of it and then fry the quesadillas with the mixture of veggies, cheese and chicken in them until they are brown.

Here is the bowl of slaw already cooked. As you might have figured, this is what we’re going to have for dinner. This stuff is soooooo good! I sure hope it’s freezable after it’s cooked, I am going to try it anyway to see how it will be. This is the whole 3 pound bag cooked and it will make a ton of quesadillas.


I figured I could get away with putting less meat in these so we can cut down on the amount of meat we are eating, which will save on the grocery bill as well. But it wont be easy because all of us love meat!

I also put up some yellow crooked neck squash and I have strained the water out of those and used those to make quesadillas as well and they were really good. Do it just like this but instead of the slaw mixture you use the squash. Spinach is also great.

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