Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mini Vacation

Yesterday our family went on a little day vacation. We headed to Jackson in this heat! At 7 a.m. it was already 85 degrees and before we left up there it was 106 and that is actual temp not heat index. Can you say HOT? We still had fun though and really didn’t sweat down because we were inside.

All I could do was to think about my little nephew Cade, and HOW MUCH he would have enjoyed THIS PLACE! (the Science Museum)

OK where did we go you ask? We went to the Natural Science Museum and then the Old Mississippi State Capital. I am going to make a few posts about it in the coming days along with a few pix for you to enjoy. I will have to make several blogs about it because if I post just half the pix I have on my camera I’ll be sitting here for days with this slow dial up I have. lol So bare with me as I get them posted and come back to see all the pix because I can assure you, it WILL be neat! Both places were awesome and WELL WORTH the visit in the heat!





That praying mantis was made from ratthia sp?  and pine needles! The WHOLE thing!


Hubby admiring this big ole huge thing!


Some of these things were HUGE! I sure wouldn’t want to come upon them in the woods in those days, THAT’S for sure! NO WAY you could out run them! lol


Cindy, my daughter enjoying it all.


Look at the size of this turtle! These things are made from stone replica of the ones they found in several counties in the state of Mississippi.


THAT is a giant beaver!!!


OK that should do for now. Stay tuned for more.


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Anonymous said...

I have lots of pics too, if you wanna look through them. Waylon took off with my camera through the fossils, bones and dinosaurs. Cindy