Friday, July 30, 2010

We Lead Others By Our Example

I’ve been thinking about something for a while now and decided to post about it since it’s been sooooo long since I blogged.

I don’t think we really realize how much our kids or other folks as far as that goes, watch us. When our kids are young they watch us and we lead by our example more than what we say. If we’re selfish they will learn to be selfish because they’re not seeing us give to others or put others first. Lots of times we’re just out for number one and that’s what they learn to do as well. If we teach them by giving to others and not having to be first, let the other person walk in the door first, or by always giving to those that have less than we do, they will learn to think of others more than their self.

The Bible teaches us the first shall be last and the last shall be first and those that serve others will be greater.

Actually we ARE to serve others but this society teaches us that we deserve this and that but that’s NOT what  the Bible teaches us. If Dads and Moms would teach their kids to serve each other and other people and lead by their example of serving what a much better place this would be, let alone what a loving family because sooner or later the children would really start loving each other instead of fighting with each other.

Sometimes it may seem like, oh I can just do it myself and it will be less trouble. No, not really because you teach your kids a whole lot by teaching them to help around the house and serve each other. We teach our children to put others first, it teaches them responsibility, respect, accountability, and many many more things just by teaching them to help around the house and to serve their other brothers and sisters. Jesus was a server, are we better than He was? He led by example.

I have noticed when I drive how inconsiderate folks are and it really annoys me because 95% of them will NOT under no circumstance, let you out when you’re sitting there waiting to get out in the traffic. They’re heading somewhere that is much more important than where you’re heading, or at least that’s their thinking. It’s really sad to me because it’s SOOOOO much fun being considerate and giving, let alone you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am not perfect and I am not high and mighty myself, and I know I fall short a whole lot of the time but I am really trying.

Do our families see God in us? That’s the most important place in our lives and that’s the ones that need to see God the most in us. Or are they seeing rebellion, or are they seeing us thinking we’re better than someone else? Or are they seeing us and listening to us set around talking about other people and finding fault in them? It is SO HARD not to get sucked into all of this when folks are doing this because it’s like a quote I saw one time that I thought was sooooo good, it goes like this…… Some folks find fault like it’s buried treasure. This is not what the Bible teaches us to do. When we do this we’re really actually thinking we are better than that other person and the Bible tells us we’re not.

So we see how we lead by our example and how our children are watching us. How do we react to someone that hurts us or pulls out in front of us when we’re driving? Do they see us returning hurt for hurt or love for hurt or aggravation whatever the case may be? God loves us and wants the very best for His people and the very best is being the person HE wants us to be. We’re not better than anyone else and we really do lead more by what we do and say than we think.

May Gods richest blessing be poured upon you and your family and may He lead and guide you as you lead and guide your children and your home!!!!!

Love in Christ, Rose

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