Monday, February 16, 2009

My Water Gardening Site

I was telling Rhoda over at Southern Hosp. site about me digging my own goldfish pond and figured some of you might like to see it as well. This is my water gardening website link below. As you can see when you get to the site, I haven't updated it in almost a year now.
I had always wanted a goldfish pond and knew my DH would probably say, you don't need that or something to that effect. lol So one day when he was at work I got the idea, OK TODAY is the day for my pond! I wanted one SO BAD that I lined this thing in Bisqueen black plastic! Which didn't last no time. Anyway back to my digging the pond. I laid out the shape I wanted it with the water hose and then dug around the hose with a shovel to get the kidney shape. Then moved the hose and started tilling up the soil with my tiller. Then all I had to do was scoop out the soil with the shovel into my wagon that was backed up to the hole I was digging. By the time DH came home from work I had it dug. ALL I lacked was leveling the bottom of it which he gladly helped me do once he got over the shock of me standing inside the large/deep hole in the side of our front yard with the tiller. (grin) The hole is 2 foot deep and since we had to replace the Bisqueen liner every year we bought a EDPM liner for it made from old recycled old tires. I bought my liner from and so far they are STILL the cheapest on them I think. Anyway below is my site if you would like to see it.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Rodse, your pond is AWESOME! I love the paths around it and all the hard work you put into it! I'm glad that your hubby helped after he saw how determined you were to have one. You should be very proud!