Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Canning Summer Veggies

Well my hands better but still blistered up so I still have to be careful but DH and I shredded and chopped up all the veggies last night for Mountain Chow Chow. I think he’s really gettin’ into this canning! ;) He asked me last night what else was we going to can and sounded excited when he asked. lol

So I have got to get off here and get the chow chow out of the fridge and toss in the spices and the vinegar and get to cooking it. Jars are all washed up and ready to go. I will try and post a pic later.

Alrighty, I got 12 half pints of the chow chow and here's that pic! It is a new recipe to me and I kept having to add water to it because it was sooo dry! IS chow chow suppose to be that dry? I added water 3 times and then decided since I had added SO MUCH water that I might also need to add some more vinegar.

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