Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Day Shopping

EXCEPT FOR THIS HEAT it was a good day shopping! The car temp was showing it was 103 and that’s NOT the heat index! HOTTTTTTT

First off I just GOT TO show you this chair! It’s metal and sooooo dainty! It was 5.00.


Now for my next deal….. it was 1.99 and I COULD NOT pass it up! You all KNOW how bad I’ve got it for anything tea related! ;) Well this is SO CUTE, you can’t tell how small it is on this pic. I should have put a cup beside it so you could see how small it is. I just love it!


Next one… DD is going to love this one! It’s a VCR tape of the Beatles. It was 1.55 at the Salvation Army thrift store.


Last but not least, got to tell you THE REST of the STORY on this one. ;)

Awhile back I found me a really nice basket at a local thrift store for 2 bucks. I wanted it for picking the garden. I thought it would be cool to put my veggies in it instead of an old 5 gallon bucket. Well after DH saw mine HE WANTED ONE TO! Told me to get to looking for him one to. So today I found him one, lol, complete with tulips! ;) I just got to show you it WITH the tulips first! I had taken them out already but had to go back and stick them back in it to take a pic. He was making jokes about it as we were walking through the store, (yeah he actually went IN the store this time, it was TOO HOT outside to sit in the car!) saying he has him a basket complete with tulips in it. lol  The whole thing complete with tulips………. was 3 bucks!


Now for the pretty basket!


Got lots of other stuff but these are the best. I also got a huge roll of Christmas wrapping paper. It’s like those rolls at Cracker Barrel. It was either .50 or 1.00 not sure which but both are good prices for that large roll! I’ll be sick of it before I get it all used.

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