Sunday, June 7, 2009


My DH, sister and I put up more corn on Wed. DH gathered 286 ears and we cut it off the cob and got 37 quart bags full. Needless to say when we got through that day we were ready to be done with it. DH said he didn't want to see anymore corn. lol

Now this evening we're suppose to be going to pick cucumbers, squash and dig up some potatoes at a friends house. I want to do some of the pickled squash for eating with some peas I also want to can later on. After everyone gets all the corn they want the brother in law is going to disk up the field and plant peas. DH doesn't much care for them but he said he would eat them if I canned pickled squash, or chow chow to eat with them. ;)

I am going to make some dill pickles with the cukes. I like to use those for my tuna salads, coleslaw, or potato salad etc.

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Pickled squash is one of our favorite side dishes! I try to make it every summer. If our squash doesn't make, then I buy enough for pickles at the local farmer's market.

We have had so much rain up here in north MS this year that our garden didn't do much this time.

Love reading your blog!