Sunday, June 14, 2009

Simple Things

A friend of ours left for Gulf Shores on Sat. and wanted us to keep their garden picked (we’d been picking it and putting it up for a week now since they were done with these things we are picking) and also wanted us to gather the eggs. So DH went over yesterday evening and gathered the eggs and picked  the squash so we wouldn’t have to gather those and the snap beans and the cucumbers all at one time. I didn’t have an extra egg carton so I found this small bowl to put them in. Reminds me of the old days and I like that! :)




Fresh eggs, what could be better? Going to get about this many each day and we get to gather them until Monday evening. Then on Tuesday they will be home.


While making this post I was checking my other blogs I visit each day and I just have to share this one with you. Well actually two I guess. lol But first things first, I’ve been married for 33 years myself and I really really appreciated this from Billy Graham to his wife!!!! What a man!  I have a few blogs I visit each day that I have on my blog. I truly enjoy Bonita’s blog, she’s such a neat lady!!! Her and her friend Melissa visited the Billy Graham library and it just happened that it was on Ruth’s birthday! Go check out her pictures and her blog about it. Totally awesome!


Now for a nice refreshing SUMMER TREAT! Don’t know about your neck of the woods but our neck of the woods is mega mega hot and dry these days. This humidity is horrible so when I saw this on Rhoda’s blog I be bopped myself to town to get us some of these. So happened I had to go to Walgreens checking to see if they carry canning jars which they didn’t. To save myself a trip to the Dollar Tree I just grabbed some of these ice treats there. They have them for 2.00 and they are 12 in there. Actually at the Dollar Tree you could get 2 boxes and have 16 for 2.00 if you’re a Mrs. Betty Bargain like I am. ;) Check out Rhoda’s blog on the ice fruity treats. And yes Rhoda they are really yummy and only 9g in sugar if you have to watch that like I do. Thank you Rhoda for sharing this with us! :)

Have a great weekend!


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