Thursday, June 25, 2009

More on Canning

DH and I just got finished chopping and shredding the tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers for more green tomato relish. That other was so good we had to make more!

Plus my sister in law called and said with this dry spell we’re having they are worried the tomatoes are going to be blistered from the sun so they didn’t want them to go to waste for us to come get us some more green ones so they don’t get ruined. That was SO SWEET of her to do that! The vines are breaking from the weight of them so I tried to get those off first. We have enough to do a double batch of them this time. So that will be 4 gallons of green tomatoes.

I have a huge plastic dish pan sitting in the fridge with them soaking in the salt brine now. If I’d done 1/2 gallon more I wouldn’t had room in there for them. And speaking of, let me tell ya a story……

Went to the grocery, Save Rite because every time i have been there their produce is MUCH LESS than Wal-marts is. For example, HUGE bell peppers, 2/1.00 where Wal-Marts is .98 each. Celery, .98 each now 2 bucks or over. Carrots the same way, much less.

Was going over there after the bell pepper because we wanted to can some pickled bell peppers and I needed a bunch to do that with. My recipe makes 6 quarts and I made myself a note on my recipe that the largest green Tupperware bowl piling up with sliced ones makes the 6 quarts. I don’t even know if Tupperware sells that bowl anymore. And when I saw my note I was like, WHERE DID MY BOWL GO TO? Hadn’t missed it until I saw that note! LOL The reason I hadn’t missed it is because DH’s Mom had given me a stainless steel one that I love the bestest. Oh dear got off my story there, sorry about that!

Anyway back to the story, So went over to the produce to get my bell peppers, and did I say they were mega HUGE? ONLY 4 will fit into the plastic bag they put there for you to use so I was looking around for something to put them in since I was going to get bunches.

Walked over to this cart with wheels on it and there was a box with bell peppers that had gotten busted. Nothing wrong with them but they were busted. So I asked about those as I was paying for my others and my other produce and she said she’d call back there for me. She did and they were going to mark those down, which they did, and guess what the price of 10 of them was? .99!!!!! Yep, .99… I was doing the happy dance! hee hee

Got 10 huge bell peppers to add to my other ones for making our pickled bell peppers. We’ve got them all sliced up and even used some of them in our green tomato relish we just got finished cutting up. Was thanking God yet again for supplying my needs! He’s soooo good!!!  ALL THE TIME!

Now to get that relish made and the pickled bell peppers made. :)


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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

So glad to hear that your hand is getting well. My but you sure do stay busy! I guess you might say that I'm taking the year off from canning because I have not done any so far. Our garden just didn't do a thing. First there was too much rain and now there has not been any. But I don't mind. Have not felt much like canning this year anyway. :)

You will sure have a lot of food to enjoy this winter! And if you're like me, to give away for gifts! :)

God bless!