Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picking the Garden

As you know from my post, we had to go pick the garden again this evening. As we were driving up to the garden, their peacock was over in the back of one of his trailers he hauls things in. I saw him walking around in it. lol Then as I started picking the cucumbers (while DH was gathering the eggs) I noticed it heading toward my SUV. Now I had the tail gate of it open so we could put all the veggies back there in the back and they would all stay cool with it opened. I looked up and this thing was headed just as straight to my car as it could go. I said to it, oh no you don’t, you’re not getting in my car. The thing made an awful noise and headed faster to my car. lol So I ran to my car to shut the tailgate so it couldn’t get in my car. Well as I walked to my car he went toward the field and then when I looked back at him to see WHERE he went, my windows were down on my car……. here is where he decided to perch! So needless to say I had to get the camera. Isn’t he pretty?



while I had the camera out, I wanted to show you just how pretty their garden is. There isn’t much grass in it at all. With the lack of rain we have had, I am amazed it’s still putting out. It’s bigger than this pic looks like it is.



21stCB said...

The squash was delicious! THANKS!

Rose1957 said...

great glad you enjoyed them! Did you eat them all or were you able to put up some of them?