Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thrifting and Canning

Wanted to show you all my pickled squash. I started cutting them up at 4:30 yesterday evening and got finished cutting them up at 7 something. Took me awhile to get them cut up. THEN I had to cut up the onions, the bell peppers, and the garlic. It was getting pretty late by the time I got started cooking it all but I finally wound up with 26 pints. I used Splenda in them instead of the sugar it called for. It called for 2 cups of sugar per batch and I made 6 batches. I had 7 quarts left over so I just stewed those down and drained the water off and they went into the freezer. I will make squash patties from those and fry them this winter or just stew them and eat them like that. I have even put them in cornbread and that was good to. In the pic below you can see my pickled squash I canned and you can also see my thrift store purchase. I know you put plates in the top and the bottom but what goes on the sides in each whole? Is it the silver wear? I’ve never seen one quite like this one before because it has two holes on each side for the items. They aren’t large enough for mayo, catsup and mustard bottles. My total bill came up to 2.05 for the metal rack and all the next items.



leather purse, 2 blouses, and a roll of wallpaper that I am going to use for shelving paper, and a large roll of Christmas wrapping paper.

The next item (ottaman) I paid 5.00 for it because it’s just so cute! I will redo it in other fabric of course and not sure if I want it inside or on the patio. Going to take the cloth off and make a pattern from it for recovering it. See it’s little wooden legs? Aren’t they just too sweet?


Last but not least the 3 tiered magazine stand. The top shelf is bent a little but I can fix it. I am going to paint it beige probably. DH and I go round and round about all his magazines so I figured this one might just work since it can hold herds of magazines because he doesn’t seem to see the need of going through them and weeding out some of them. lol


So that’s my bargains for the day. Last weekend they had lots and lots of garage sales around here but I didn’t get to go to any of them. I should have stopped what I was doing and hit a few of them but I didn’t.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Wow! You have been one really busy...AND thrifty.....lady! The squash pickles make me hungry! It's looking like we will have to buy the squash this year when I make mine as our garden is pretty scarce.


Susan said...

Love your bargains. There was tons of yard sales here on Saturday which I didnt get to go to, so I went to the Goodwill on Monday since most people take their leftovers there. I got some great bargains. My buggy was full and I paid 9.98. You just can't beat it. Anyway, I wanted to comment on that first item. Do you think there was a bowl that fit in that center spot instead of plates? Can you fit wine bottles or glasses in those side holes. Maybe you put ice in the bowl and cups in those holes....I don't know what I'm talking about LOL I got this thing in a lot I bought at auction that had a stake that went in the ground and top had a basket that sort of looked like a planter except it had leather buckle like loops inside the basket. We studied that thing and finally concluded it was for putting ice in the bucket and then beers or soda in the loops and then you stab it in the ground. Funny trying to figure out what stuff is for, isn't it?