Monday, June 29, 2009



These two batches are cooling so we can peel them.


We're canning tomatoes today. I made 8 pints last night. They are so pretty. I had picked some banana peppers from our garden and a small bell pepper so I put that in them. Then this morning my sister in law called and told me to come get hers because she was done with them. We went to get them and I could not believe how many were on those plants! There was a mocking bird pecking holes in herds of them. I could have choked the thing! We had to throw away I don't know how many that thing had ruined! Anyway we weren't expecting near the amount we got so needless to say we didn't have NOTHING to put them in. So I keep a blanket in the back of my SUV and I also have the plastic liner with walls on it and I just laid the blanket out on it and piled them all in there. The whole entire thing was FULL of tomatoes and piling up. We have been peeling them today and had to take a break to let the next batch cool so we can start peeling them. Man talk about a happy camper here, but I am! Was thanking God once again for how He provides! On one of these batches I plan to make some hot sauce. I have several that aren't ripe enough to can yet. So between now and the time I am going to can them I am going to find me some hot pepper to put in it. The recipe calls for SIX CUPS of chili peppers to 10 cups of tomatoes. Man that sounds mighty hot to me! lol But it also says NOT to mess with the recipe amounts because it might not be safe then. Anyway got to get off here and get some more mators peeled. ;)


Some we’ve already peeled awaiting the others so I can cook them.


More to can when they get ripe. Went ahead and picked them if they were even starting to turn red because of the bird! UGHH

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

WOW !!! I'm impressed! We don't have tomatoes this year. We don't use as much as we used to. I can remember that was one of the hottest canning jobs each tomatoes and then straining them to make tomato juice. Back then we didn't have an A/C and I think I would nearly pass out sometimes! Whew!

You have really done a great job with your canning this year. It's good that you enjoy doing it so much.

God bless,