Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Yard

Wanted to share some of my yard with you. My camera is in the shop but I happened to think I could use my daughters! duh….. anyway here are some shots around my yard and garden. This one is on the south side of my house. There is iris’s and yellow daylilies as you can see in bloom and cape jasmines are in bloom as well. We just redid this bed the end of last summer I believe it was. Oh and I also have some abelia (evergreen bush) and amaryllis. And on the edge as the outline is the monkey grass. ;)


A view from my garden into the “holler”. ;) As you can see the whole holler is a pond. I love this view!


A view of our first garden we started a few years back. I have cucumbers planted to grow on the fence. Then next is bush snap beans and at the end of the row are a few sprigs of chives. Then the row with the funky metal things are the tomatoes. Those funky metal things are supports and I sure hope they work! I will be tying the tomatoes to the strings.


Then this garden is the new garden we started this year. I wanted more tomatoes so I could can them so we made this garden. We didn’t want to add to the other one because it gets a little too much shade. I have tomatoes, peppers, snap beans and squash in this garden. And as you can see, more tomato supports. ;)


A little better view of the tomato supports. I need to get out there and tie up the tomatoes already. We had a little wind just a little while ago and they’re laying over some. The peppers took a beating to.


Next would be, or that is, I think is, rudbeckia or something to that effect. ;) It’s something like black eyed susans but much larger blooms and gets pretty tall from what I understand.


OK next is the mammoth stickers or briars whichever you’d like to call it. These pvc pipes I have driven in the ground are about 5 foot tall so you can see just how large these things are that I am TRYING to figure out HOW to get rid of! We have pulled them up and they come back with a vengeance! They are taking over this area of the 300’ flower bed. IF I don’t do SOMETHING soon they will have the whole 300 foot bed!


See the stickers on this thing? Can you say OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH!


See how tall these things are? Pity I can’t at least get berries off them! lol


See this next one? It’s just starting out from the root from the larger ones. This is how they spread from what I am learning about them. I haven’t gotten around to weeding this bed yet because I’ve been working on cleaning out and organizing the shed as well as trying to get the garden planted and tended to. Got some plants to stick into this bed though and need to get it cleaned up!


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ddogood said...

Rose, those are raspberry bushes that are growing. I bet a bird dropped some seeds in your bed. Enjoy the first harvest and then move them to a better spot.