Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sewing Room Wall Shelves

We have finally got the shelves made for the sewing room. I want to show you the before pic first.


And here is the process of making it. Hubby and I painted it before they put it together so we wouldn’t have the paint smell inside.


Then we stood it up and started putting in the horizontal shelves.


Got a couple more rows of them in.


Now got the rod for hanging things on. Then asked him to do one more shelf above the rod so I would have one more shelf to put things on. You can NEVER have too many storage areas!


Close up of the hanging rod and the shelf. I’ve got to prime and paint the 1x4 boards the color of the siding so they wont be noticeable. See the black screw heads on the boards? I filled in all of them last night with the wood putty. Then tonight I did the touch ups with the paint. Now ALL I lack is these little 1x4 boards and it will be finished!


Here’s a pic with things in it so you can see the details better. It wasn’t finished when I added all this stuff to it. I just did that to show the details better. There will be milk crates along the bottom of it to store things in. They will all be covered in fabric so you wont know what’s inside and you wont be able to see the milk crate at all.


I finished the painting tonight. See no more screw heads peaking out.


It looks much better doesn’t it? Hopefully tomorrow I can start putting the things in there. Got to get some paint for those 1x4 boards in almond, the color of the vinyl siding. I can at least get started putting my things in this side of it for right now. I’m hoping with day time gets here I wont find any places I need to touch up. You know how it is, you get your paint brush all cleaned up and then you find something you missed. lol

I have the heater on in there now so the paint will get nice and dry since it’s raining outside today. Sure is nice to have one more project done and behind me. Maybe now I can organize my things. Also I have got to get all this fabric of mine folded on their foam boards so I can stick it in the shelves with the other fabric I already have folded up.

When I get the things in there I will come back and post a couple more pix for you. I also want to get the covers made for the milk crates to. Hang in there with me and I will get it done and post more pix.

UPDATE: Added some things yesterday to the shelf after it was all finished……




These fabric boxes would be neat in the cubes. See link below. FABRIC BOX

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amy anderson said...

I am drooling! Those look awesome! Great job!

amy anderson said...

I am drooling! Those look awesome! Great job!

Pam said...

Love your shelf wall. I want this one day in my sewing room too. We are planning to move within a year so I don't want to do any permanent changes here. I'm currently using book shelves but I really like the built ins. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Rose!!! I love your sewing room!! You should share it over on the CS Forum, too!!

Anonymous said...

Holy MOLY! This is every crafty womans DREAM! So happy for you Rose!! ENJOY!