Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cooking for the Super Bowl Snacks


Pumpkin Pie and Crust

I played around with some ideas I had for snacking. I found a recipe on Google and decided to try it. It’s a recipe for a pie pastry without having to roll it. LOVE that! It’s called PAT-In-The-Pan PIE CRUST

It was VERY easy to make and felt so nice and soft. LOVED the feel of it and did I say it was EASY to make? How cool is that?

This is what I wanted to do with it. These are little mini muffin tins. I wanted to make some individual pumpkin pies. I’m a diabetic so I used Splenda as my sweetener. The main reason I did this is because I had taken out a pack of my pumpkin puree the other day and sit it in the fridge and it NEEDED cooking. I had planned on putting it in a yellow cake mix which is ALSO good. But decided to just do this with it. Oh, if you’re interested in doing the cake mix one…… all you have to do is use the large can of pumpkin in the cake mix. That’s ALL you add to the cake mix. It’s very yummy. Found that one online to but don’t remember where, sorry.


Then here’s the two extra ones for the freezer. This is a tiny bowl, but  you can’t tell from the pic. I LOVE these old bowls! LOVE LOVE LOVE em!


And here’s the pumpkin pie filling. I also googled that one and found it on Simply It is called, Suzanne's Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie. I didn’t add cardamon, nor lemon zest and I just used non fat evaporated milk for my milk. I also didn’t add but 2 eggs to it and no brown sugar. I used Splenda and I really added a little too much. I think it said 1/3 cup sugar if I am remembering right and I added that in Splenda but then went back and added another 1/2 cup and I shouldn’t added that extra half cup. Sad smile 


I almost forgot to take a pic of one of the pans. I had put it into the oven and had to get it out. It had already started to swell up. I think I added too much filling to my crust though. Live and learn huh?




Then I also… Baked Tators

It’s all Lydia’s fault. I was watching Lydia on PBS this morning and she was baking some french fries in the oven. I caught the end of it but I think she had added olive oil to the pan. Anyway I got the idea to bake some tator rounds. This is what I did.

I washed my potatoes real well and then I sliced them into circles, I didn’t peel them. I poured about 3 tablespoons of olive oil in my large cookie sheet that I have, and smeared it around the pan. I put the tator circles in and then I sprinkled some no salt seasonings on them.  I get the no salt seasonings at Big Lots. Then I added garlic powder and then sharp cheddar cheese sprinkled all over the tops of them. Baked them on like 275 degrees until they got tender then I turned the oven up to 350 degrees to brown them. They are really good. Hubby had to steal one early before the game started. lol And here’s a pic of the tators.

Some I put some string cheese that I had on them because I ran out of the sharp cheddar cheese. They’re the ones on the left side.



And as Jacques Pupin says, Happy Cooking! And Happy SUPER BOWL! lol


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