Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decorating and Projects

Well I’m getting it done one thing at a time. I got the mantel done today and now for the Christmas tree. I am hoping I can rest a little while and then I will have the energy to finish the tree. Sure wish my daughter would come home tonight and help me with it.

Anyway while I was decorating the garland for the mantel I had some candy cooking in the crock pot. Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality blog gave the recipe a few days ago. You will see her link over on the side of my blog. I love to check out her blog so I keep her link posted on mine. This is so yummy and SO EASY to make! So I’ve got the candy done as well with hardly no time invested in it.

I made a little tree from ornaments the other night. It’s one of those Styrofoam forms you can buy and I hot glued the ornaments onto it. I found mine at the thrift store a few years back.  I ALMOST sold this little flower pot. I’ve never been able to figure out what I wanted to use it for until now. After I made it I decided it needed something else so I tied a bow on it.  The little silver lamp doesn’t stay. I had planned on using it in my decorating, just not on the mantel.


I also decided I didn’t like it on the mantel so I put it here. I love the glow it puts off with the lights shining above it in the garland.


Then project number 2 was the little ceramic Christmas tree I hot glued the little beads on it. I have some multi colored lights inside it.  I found the little tree at the thrift store a couple summers back for .50 and I knew I would use it one day.


Another project I did a few days ago. I cut the letters out in cardboard and covered them with duct tape and then garland and lights.


Here is the mantel all decorated up. I still need to sit the little ceramic tree on something and the picture. I didn’t want to have to hide what I sit it all on so I am trying to figure out WHAT to sit the things on. I’ve got a couple gold boxes I think I will use for the picture.


Close up of the garland decorated.



And now the crock pot candy.


Close up of the candy. This stuff is so good and it’s just too easy to make. Thank you Rhoda for sharing the recipe with us!


OKAY maybe now I can get this Christmas tree done before the nights over and then I will be just about finished with my decorating. I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas tour.


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