Sunday, December 4, 2011

MAKING it Work

I have started my Christmas decorating and am working on a few things in my mind. lol Yeah in my mind. I have to get it together there first. Winking smile 

I’ve been wanting a few Christmas pictures to decorate with. Someone back last summer gave me the idea that I am using. Sorry I can’t remember who or where it was that I saw this idea. If I did I surely would give them credit. Anyway they took an outdoor flag and framed it. It was VERY pretty AND nice! SO I went to Michaels and found me a huge flag because I NEED a huge one for over my fireplace mantel. The flag is 28x40” I believe it was. Well I get home and get the large frame out of the attic that I wanted to use and it was TOO LARGE, the frame that is. ughhh. SO I am bound and determined it’s going to work. So I play with it for awhile and figured out a way I can make it work! Then awhile ago on Pinterest I saw another idea I can use with THIS idea! They used clear 2” wide tape and put lace the same width as the clear tape to decorate their Christmas packages with.

You see I had to cut the top AND the bottom off my flag because it was too wide and tall BOTH ways I tried it. The top and the bottom had the words Merry Christmas and I wanted that left on there. Sad smile 

So I am going to use my Cricut and do the words Merry Christmas down the sides on each side of my picture. I’m going to have to put some cloth down the sides because the flag isn’t wide enough to fill in the frame. SO where I add the fabric to the sides I will use this idea about the lace to dress it up. THEN I will put the words Merry on one side of the flag and then Christmas on the other side on top of the lace and tape. I hope this is making sense! You’ll see, ‘cause I will post some pix.

Well here she is. I had put the Merry Christmas on there with black vinyl but it was much too bold so I went back and did it in the red and green.


Another shot of it. I just sit it up on the mantel because I haven’t gotten it decorated yet.


Now here’s another one I did. First I drew out the letters on cardboard and cut them out. Then I covered them in duct tape so it would be more weather resistant.

Here it is with the cardboard. Then I covered this in duct tape.


Here it all fixed up with the garland and the lights on it. 


Got the lights on the Christmas tree and the garland on the mantel as well but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with any of that.

But at least I have gotten started decorating!

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