Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Projects

I went to my favorite thrift store a couple days ago and I found a few things that I wanted. One was a small pair of white cotton Battenberg curtains that I made into these. I had this little pillow and it didn’t have a pillowcase so I made it one and then made an extra for when this one needs washing. The little set of curtains wasn’t but .50 and I knew I would do something with them because I LOVED the feel of the cotton!




Then I also found this little bookshelf for only 5.00 bucks. I am in BAD NEED of some book shelves for all our books! I will have to touch this one up and get some of those little doo dads that you stick in the holes on the sides for the shelf to sit on. I had one pack but didn’t have enough for the second shelf to sit on. I’ve got to screw the back on a little better than it is to. But that’s no biggie. It will make a nice little book shelf I think. In fact I am highly considering making me a pattern from it so I can make a couple more but maybe a little taller. Like I said I NEED some bookshelves for all these BOOKS we have! I ALMOST bid on a couple large ones last weekend at the auction but they went wayyyy too high for pressboard ones when I can make them out of 1x12” pine and it be solid board and no warping to boot.


Last but not least, some of my rolls of shelf paper for a project in the sewing room. Remember me telling you all about putting some sewing quotes at the top of the sewing room wall? Well some of these rolls are for that and then some are for covering boxes with for storing magazines and other stuff. The one on the end on the right side, I found when I found the bookshelf and the other things. It wasn’t but like .50 as well.


My daughter was with me when I bought all the pinks and green ones, thank goodness. I’d been worried the greens would have clashed with the green on the walls but she said no, so I got it. It doesn’t clash thank goodness!



Stay tuned because I hope to shortly have my quotes made for the walls.


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Hello, I came by to visit you this morning and have so enjoyed checking out your blog and how creative you are in so many ways. I may know how to cook but I certainly do not have a crafty bone in my body and just love all the things people like you do. That pillow case is so cute. The canned soup looks wonderful, too. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Have a great weekend.