Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas Decorating

I’ve been thinking for years now how someone NEEDS to make a magazine that comes out in August or September that gives all us folks some ideas to decorate for Christmas. I can see the ideas and copy them but don’t come up with the ideas myself. So I’ve thought this would really be nice for someone to do for all us folks that NEED ideas every year on decorations.

Every year I try to decorate different because I like it different but I use the same decorations on my tree year after year. I AM tired of them but that can get into some expense buying new ones every year. I try to just do a different color.

This year I am already thinking and wondering HOW I am going to decorate! Was here at B.A.M. (Books A Million) and actually found a magazine called Christmas Cottage!!! WOW someone had the SAME thought I have had! IT EVEN SAYS, Joyful Holiday Ideas on the cover! It’s a special collectors issue. Hmmmm in looking online I see they had it out last year as well and I am sitting here wondering HOW I missed it! 

Anyway if you are wondering how you’re going to decorate to, check it out!


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Anonymous said...

Yes--I got the one last year (Martha Pullen who does the heirloom sewing magazine Sew Beautiful sent an offer and I ordered it). I go to the library and check out the Southern Living Christmas books, too.