Sunday, September 18, 2011


Worked on the sewing room a little bit last night trying to get the sewing machines fixed on the table. Also tried to organize it some so I will able to find my things. I will make me some little boxes to go in the cabinet cubes later on when I can get the time and feel a little better. The embroider machine is under the one window. Then the serger in close to the window in the front. Then the other sewing machine is there close to the first window where the pole lamp is standing. Now I should be able to just sit down and sew which will be so neat!


I found me some black frame picture frames on Friday when we took my husbands Aunt shopping. I have some old pix of pattern covers for aprons I want to hang to decorate it up some. I am waiting for my roll of vinyl paper to come in so I can get the quotes made for the border at the top. They’re going to be black as well.

I was noticing the other table that is under the window, I need to move it out some. I guess I am going to have to move the filing cabinet that is in the corner So I can have the table out some more. When I put the chair in there to use the embroider machine it’s a little tight. I can deal with it but I think I want it out a little bit.

I am going to attach a hinge on the side of the cube cabinet and put me a ironing board on there. Will have to put a little spindle leg on the ironing board and it will fold back when I don’t need it. That will really be handy when I am sewing and need to press a seam!

I’ve got to keep my eyes peeled at garage sales and thrift stores for me another office chair and hopefully I can recover them in the same fabric so they will match.  I have several pieces of upholstery fabric I have found at the thrift stores so I have plenty to choose from.

I hope to soon get started on the balloon valances. I will post pix of those to show you to.


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