Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cube Book Cases

Well we got one of the cube book cases made today. I found some directions online but we really didn’t follow them because we had to have the book case a certain size since I wanted them for the legs of my sewing table. I think the lady that had the plans for the cube book shelves was Anna White. They were like 6-9 cubes and I couldn’t go but with 4 because my table top for the sewing machines isn’t but like 29” wide. You can search google and find her free plans if you’re interested in them. It’s not hard at all to make.

This is the side of it. We made it from 1x12” pine boards. It’s not finished yet as you can see. Anyway I wanted the little cut out at the bottom on each side so it would look like it had some little legs. Plus I have laminate flooring in the sew room and I didn’t want it sitting flat on it.

We’ve also got to put the back on it yet. It got dark on us this evening when we were trying to make it. Plus we were about to starve to death so we had to eat dinner.

We don’t have a table saw or anything like that. We only have a skill saw which we can’t cut a straight line with. lol And we have a jig saw and a band saw but the boards are too long to use the band saw.


I haven’t decided yet what color I am going to paint it. But it will probably be a light green color.  I’ve got to fill all the screw holes and sand it down.



Now we’ve got to make one more of them. I found some laminate counter shelves at the thrift store back at the end of last summer. There is a long one and a short one. I am going to use these cubes for each end for the counter tops to sit on. That way I will have some storage areas and like I said yesterday it will be in an L shape and have legs where the L meets in the corner and then these cubes on the ends.

I also found THIS last night and got really excited because these things are high when you need to buy several! So now I’ve got more decisions to make! lol What color to make my little baskets for the cubes? They will probably be pink though since I wanted to use green and pink and maybe some black. Plus after we get these cube cases made I am going to start getting the 1x12” boards to do the wall shelves with and I want to do them in cubes like I blogged about a few weeks back. SO I will need to make several of these little baskets.

Yesterday I posted that I wanted to use the fence post tops for the legs but when we got to figuring how wide it was going to be I didn’t think they would look right since they are quite large. The little case isn’t but 29” wide. I am SO EXCITED to finally have one of them almost finished!!! The wood and counter tops have been lying on the sewing room floor for ages it seems like. So I decided to do the sides like this so it would have some legs.

We have a tropical depression out in the gulf and it’s putting some rain on us. It’s been too hot to do anything outside so we haven’t been able to get them made until now. With all the rain it’s brought the temps are down and so I hit hubby up to lets get started on the sewing machine tables today.

Stay tuned for more on the cube cases.


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