Sunday, September 25, 2011


Was just on a forum and saw something I’d like to make one of for decorating our table up for Thanksgiving. I have this box a friend of ours gave me many years ago and I have had NO IDEA what I could use it for until now. I saw this idea and thought of the box right off. I also have a swag that I have grown MORE than tired of that I could tear apart to use for part of my fillers. Then all I would have to do is find some squash and pumpkins to lay on it like Jennifer did. Jennifer does some awesome displays! I love what she does because it’s so unique and always very nice! She always inspires me! To see some of her work you can go HERE TO SEE IT. I don’t remember if she sells her things or not. You may have to register for the site to be able to see her displays but I can assure you, you will love her stuff and you could also get inspired like she does me.

Here’s my box I was referring to. Ignore all my mess because I have been in here working on some wooden buttons for my sewing room and THAT’S WHY I LOVE the room. I can walk out and leave it as is. Smile 


Here is the swag I am going to use for the wooden box. Then I will put me some pumpkins or something on it.









See WHY my heading is “Projects”? This is one of my buttons I have got primer on. Going to paint it black probably. Still trying to decide. You can find the circles at Hobby Lobby but you will have to drill your own holes in them. This one below was a cheese ball base. I sanded it really well before I put primer on it.


This next one is much larger. I put the little spools of ribbon in the pic so you could see how large it is. I have several different sized buttons. I am going to group a few together for a display and I will run ribbon through the holes so it will look like the thread. I had to get hubby to draw out the holes for me on the other ones because I got wayyyy off on my holes on some of them. BUT when I get the ribbon in there I don’t think it will be quite as noticeable. It’s hard to judge where to drill the holes.


See how hubby found the centers and then found out where the holes needed drilling? Cool huh? Some I have primed already and some I don’t. You can see all my fabrics (2 pix down) that I need to fold up at the end of the table in the box. It’s higher than the table is. lol When hubby and I had the house built 20 something years ago now, he, and our builder and I built the table. We used it for several years but it was just too large for our small dining room and when we had company someone always had to get up to let someone else around the table. I’m just sooo glad I didn’t get rid of it because it is PERFECT for my sewing room!!!! We finally finished the sewing machine tables and we had some left over wood I am having to store under the table but hopefully it wont be there for long. I/we are going to build some shelves on the far wall from the floor to the ceiling for storing things on. In the second pic you can see the table a little better. I had to put down some plastic under the table so I can varnish it again and it wont get on my floor.



I am SO GLAD the room is as large as it is because if it had been 1-2 foot smaller I would not have had space to put all the sewing stuff!

I finally got some of my pix framed for the wall. Going to use black and some pinks in my colors with the green wall.



Come back to see more later. I will get this project done to but it may take me biting off pieces of it at a time to get it all finished but I am determined I am going to finish this one and I just HOPE I am happy with it all when I do get finished with it. So may times I in vision my projects in my head and then when I do finish them it doesn’t look like I had it in my head. lol But hang in there with me and we’ll get er done. Smile


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Amanda said...

I love the buttons. They are so cute.