Friday, September 2, 2011

Sewing Table

I was just telling a sister in law of mine how my husband and I need to get started making my sewing machine tables while we have some cooler weather with this little tropical storm. It’s bringing us some much needed rain AND cooler weather! It’s been so hot I wouldn’t dare try to make the shelves we need for the tables.

I want to put these THINGS for the 4 legs on each shelf. Naturally I will put them upside down so the ball part will be touching the floor.

ball leg

The book cases I want are something like THESE but I want to use this post top for the legs.

I saved this next pic so I could show my husband what I was wanting and I can’t remember WHERE I found this pic. But this is how I want to make them but I want the post tops as the feet on them as I already said. I will paint mine as well. Isn’t this a pretty room in the pic below? I wish you couldn’t see my sewing room from my living room so I could paint mine blue to. But don’t think the green color I have my living room and this pretty blue would look right side by side. BUT I sure do love this blue! In fact it looks to be the very same color I have painted our bedroom.

cube bookshelves like I want for sewing room table

Anyway the reason I wanted to use the post tops as the feet on mine is because I have the laminated floor covering in my sewing room and I figured it would do better with the whole book case not sitting on the laminate flooring.

My sewing machine tables will be sitting against the wall and in an L shape since I have two laminated counter tops. We will make one book case for each end of the L shape and on the ends that the L touches I have some legs to put on each top. IF that makes any sense to you. Anyway like I was telling my sister in law, with this rain it’s cooler out now so I am thinking of trying to get hubby to lets start on them tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can get him to do it.

I have 3 machines that will sit on these tables. A serger, an embroider machine and a sewing machine.

Stay tuned for more about the sewing table. Winking smile


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