Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Cupcake Stand and Cookie Stand for a Tea Party

Wanted to show you all this idea I found at a blog the other day. I had plans on doing the little tiered stand after seeing it somewhere, but when I saw the cheese dome on the stand at another blog I knew I just had to add the dome on my little tiered stand. I found the little saucer at the thrift store for .55 and then already had the little cheese dome that I had bought a few years back for probably something like a quarter. Got 3 of them I am going to use like this. Anyway then tonight at the Dollar Tree I found this little dessert dish and ALL I could think of was, oh my goodness that will be PERFECT for my little cupcake stand! You can't tell but these are saucers and not plates. They are really small in size.

I am making one for my little niece that loves tea parties. Her birthday is coming up this month in fact. I've got her a teapot and the sugar and creamer to match it . I just found her 4 demitasse spoons to go with the collection for her b-day. ANYWAY back to the little stand.

I took it apart to show you all the pieces I am using to make it. I am going to get some glue for gluing glass with to glue them all together with. I need to get some anyway because my DH put the bottom to my cake stand in the dishwasher and the bottom part came off of it. So I need to glue it all back together again.
As you see I have another kind of base on the other one. It is another kind of dessert dish turned upside down. You can also use candle holders for the base.
I'm sorry, I can't remember who's blog it was that I saw the idea on. :( She had the candle base on hers. Edited to say: I think it was Cindy over at My Romantic Home.
Hope you all enjoy my newest project.
Make it a great day!


buckeyesue said...

Rose, let me be the first to leave a comment on your new blog!

It is going to be so much fun to see all of your bargains and the projects that you come up with to turn "Trash to Treasure."

I love the Cupcake Stand and the Cookie Stand. I bet your niece will love those for her real tea parties!

I know that your blog is going to become one of my favorite blogs!

Anonymous said...

These are great Rose thanks for sharing the idea. Finding inexpensive pieces to put these together and adding cookies or cupcakes would make great holiday gifts for friends and neighbors.
:) Lucy

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

That is the sweetest little stand! I look forward to rading your blog on a regular basis! Welcome to blogland! It is addictive! I am going to add you to my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rose!! This is such a great idea!! And, I love your blog!!


Judi said...

Sistah Rose!
There you are! Gee, I've missed ya!Congrats on your new wonderful to have you in the neighborhood!!! Can't wait to see what your darling brain comes up with!

Daffodil Hill said...

How exciting that you have a blog, Rose! I know we will all enjoy seeing your many projects come together. You always do the most interesting things, and you definitely have an eye for a bargain! : )